The new Revolving Fund for Planning is active

The new Revolving Fund for Planning is active

Important news for CDP’s product dedicated to the planning needs of local authorities: flexibility, simplification and a greater activity range are the underlying criteria for the new innovations

Rome May 30, 2019

Supporting the needs of institutions with greater effectiveness, starting from the planning and design phases, in preparation for the implementation of public investments: this is one of the objectives of the new Business Plan, which promotes proximity, dialogue and discussion with local stakeholders. In this context, CDP has worked on the “new” Revolving Fund for Planning.

The framework, outlined in Circular 1294, has expanded the scope of activities, enabling institutions to access resources in advance, to cover any expenses connected with drafting documents for the different stages of the project, along with environmental impact assessments. Innovations were made to the product after listening to the needs of the stakeholders. Amongst other things, the need to receive funds in advance became clear, to conduct the energy audits needed to apply for GSE’s Thermal Account incentive, for investments destined for producing thermal energy from renewable sources and increasing energy efficiency. In this regard, the new Revolving Fund for Planning fits with the CDP Group’s objectives to be ever closer to the needs of stakeholders and support sustainable development in the region, as anticipated in the Energy PA event.

The new Revolving Fund has greater flexibility, because it allows institutions to choose any amount in advance (starting from a minimum threshold of 2,500 euros) and to decide autonomously which expenses and which planning phases to finance with the resources provided. On the other hand, the new product sets a more stringent timeframe for allocating professional tasks, whilst reinforcing the obligation to complete the project initiatives within 18 months: to guarantee a more efficient use of resources and consequently, the success of the financed activities.

CDP’s objective is to create new financial products that, combined with innovations to existing ones, can support public bodies in the implementation of interventions designed to enhance the region.