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The ITAtech Platform

The ITAtech Platform is the first joint initiative of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) and the European Investment Fund (EIF, of the EIB Group), dedicated to investing in technology transfer funds

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The platform is an equity investment tool to promote, support, catalyse and accelerate the commercialisation of high-tech intellectual property and, more generally, the translation of research results into new business ideas. ITAtech was conceived by CDP, in collaboration with the EIF, from a belief that developing adequate instruments for financing innovation processes across all start-up creation and development phases, is a fundamental pillar for national competitiveness.

Who’s it for?

Public and private entities active in technology transfer, such as universities, research centres, Technology Transfer Offices (UTT), start-ups and early-stage investors. The investment targets are all projects with high technological and innovative content, with a focus on specific sectors that Italy excels in and which are of interest to the business world.

How does it work?

ITAtech is a highly selective and ambitious investment platform that supports Italian research excellence and wants to be an "agent for change", primarily cultural, for academic institutions.
The objectives of ITAtech can be summarised as:

  • To accelerate and facilitate the transfer of technology from the results of Italian research;
  • To promote and encourage the establishment of dedicated technology transfer teams with strong expertise in selected technology sectors

CDP and the EIF decided to allocate risk capital resources of 200 million euros (100 million each) for the launch of the Platform.

ITAtech, open to the entry of potential new investors, will develop a portfolio of investment funds dedicated exclusively to technology transfer processes from universities and research centres to the market.

ITAtech has 5 funds in its portfolio:

  • The Vertis Venture 3 Technology Transfer Fund, managed by Vertis SGR, is the first fund launched by the ITAtech Platform. It is specialised in investments generated by or connected to universities and research centres, characterised by technologies, products and / or services from sectors related to the "Horizon 2020" objectives, or Industrial leadership and societal challenges. In line with the ITAtech "capability building" objective, the Fund invests from the prototype stages of the technologies, i.e. in the Proof of Concept phase, and follows the investment through to the most mature phases, up to the complete exploitation of the technology.
  • The Sofinnova Telethon Fund SCA (“STF”), managed by Sofinnova Partner is the second fund financed by the ITAtech Platform, specialising in the life sciences sector with a focus on rare and genetic diseases. STF is an initiative promoted by Sofinnova Partners- Telethon Foundation, specialised in promoting technology transfer processes in the life science sector.
  • The 360-PoliMI Fund managed by 360 Capital SAS is the third fund funded by the ITAtech Platform. It specialises in the advanced manufacturing sector (i.e. machinery, industrial IT & automation, infrastructure, energy, advanced materials). 360-PoliMI is an initiative promoted by 360 Capital Partners, in close collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan, investors, advisors and deal flow suppliers.
  •  The Progress-TT Fund managed by GP MiTO LLP is the fourth fund funded by the ITAtech Platform. It specialises in the sustainability sector (i.e. energy; natural resources; food/agro), with a focus on B2B solutions protected by intellectual property.
  • Eureka! Fund I – Technology Transfer, managed by EUREKA! Venture SGR is the fifth fund to be launched by the ITAtech platform. It focuses on investments in advanced materials and related industrial applications, crossing all industrial sectors, from energy to mobility, construction to life science and has a strong commitment to sustainability. The Fund invests in the Proof of Concept, seed and early stage phases, also due to partnerships with Italian Universities and Scientific Research Centres.

Additional Information

The ITAtech platform operates in the market following different activity schemes.

The technology transfer can take place by following possible paths for exploiting the technology and mechanisms for accessing the market, including establishing start-ups and spin offs, licensing, agreements with large corporates interested in exploiting the intellectual property.

Furthermore, ITAtech operates according to the operational schemes that best fit the specific market context, in accordance with the role of promoter of technology transfer in Italy.

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