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The Italian Hospitality System

Within a tourist system in continuous evolution, the hotel sector is under strong pressure from the increasingly fierce competition of alternative accommodation proposals. However, after a first difficult moment the sector has shown great adaptability in managing to recover its centrality in the global tourist market, also thanks to its close bond with the territories and its high propensity to attract international capital.

The hotel real estate market is in fact increasingly developing, substituting other less profitable asset classes. Furthermore, the increasing diffusion of ancillary services not only for tourists but also for the local community make hotels the stimulus of development for the entire territory and differentiate it from other forms of alternative accommodation that, for lack of unitary management, are still predominantly oriented to only providing services to private individuals.

In the face of this global scenario, the Italian hotel system has highs and lows. This is the starting point of the CDP notebook, which after having studied the characteristics of the new international tourist flows, analyses the transformations taking place in the hotel offer in Italy: at the moment, it has wide growth margins toward higher qualitative levels which are also more adequate for attracting new types of demand.

Lastly, a specific study has been dedicated to the theme of the hotel real estate market in the context of the world, Europe and Italy. In fact, the hotel real estate market has excellent prospects, especially in the exploitation of existing assets.

This sector is experiencing strong growth in the world and in Europe despite the maturity of the tourism sector in the continent, with transaction volumes in recent years recovering the values recorded in the period before the economic crisis. The Italian real estate market still represents a rather derisive share of the European total, despite its marvellous hotel heritage. The prospects are regardless good, thanks also to the growth forecasts of the international demand addressed to Italy, and to positive fundamental aspects, which mean that Italy is perceived as a solid and secure tourist market.

An increase in real estate investments in accommodations located in secondary destinations could offer interesting returns for investors, in addition to decisively contributing to bringing value to the territory, ensuring an important stimulus for the entire community.

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