The economy, finance and savings: at school with CDP

The economy, finance and savings: at school with CDP

What is the saving? What do we mean by currency? What is the role of banks in the wealth of countries?

These and many others are the themes at the heart of the meetings that CDP has organised in the outlying schools of Rome and Milan, as part of the initiatives linked to Financial Education Month.

The events were an opportunity to explain simply and intuitively the principles underlying financial dynamics, with a particular focus on the importance of savings.

Thanks to the contribution of professionals from the fields of economics, finance and information, the meetings proved to be useful opportunities for dialogue with teachers and the younger generations, who will lead the Italy of tomorrow.

With Davide Ciferri, economist of the CDP Sustainability Area, the young people were able to learn, through interactive sessions, the concept of exchange and markets, where the value of money comes from and who the main players involved in daily financial dynamics are.

Domenico Borzillo, from CDP’s Postal Savings team, spoke about the “Il risparmio che fa scuola” (“savings that offer lessons”) project, promoted by CDP, Poste Italiane and MIUR, to raise awareness among primary and secondary school students of the importance of savings, through educational courses that vary according to the various target groups.

So far, four schools have been involved in the Financial Education Month meetings: the elementary school Quintino di Vona in Cassano d’Adda, the Marconi and Argentia secondary schools in Gorgonzola and the Pertini Falcone secondary school in Rome.

The aim of the initiative is to spread knowledge and awareness of financial issues in schools, especially in those districts with a higher probability of early school leaving.

This is an objective that Cassa Depositi e Prestiti also intends to achieve through collaboration with financial and economic information professionals – including journalists from Il Sole 24 Ore and Luca Sofri (editor of Il Post) – who involved the young people in an intuitive and dynamic explanation of the foundations of the modern economy, starting from effective examples of every-day life, and talked about the latest digital innovations in payment systems.