The circular economy to boost Italy’s relaunch

The circular economy to boost Italy’s relaunch

Looking to a circular development model, particularly in light of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, offers the opportunity to relaunch Italy’s competitiveness.

The position paper on the development of circularity in Italy, published today by the Alliance for the Circular Economy, of which CDP has been a member since the end of 2019, highlights a circular model as a key to development. The Alliance’s aim is to guide the overall evolution of production in a circular direction, at the same time taking advantage of Made in Italy excellence, while focusing on innovation and promoting the sharing of experience and best practice.

The CDP Group has actively contributed to developing the Alliance's action plan and drafting the new Position Paper, together with the other Italian companies taking part in the initiative (a full list can be found on the website).

The position paper explores the potential of the circular economy in Alliance members’ business sectors in Italy (consumer goods, circular bioeconomy, chemicals and engineering, energy and utilities, finance, fashion and luxury, shipbuilding, catering and tourism) identifying five main aims:

  • to define effective governance and a strategic framework for the circular economy;
  • to simplify the regulatory system;
  • to support sustainable innovation;
  • to define performance measurement systems and KPIs;
  • to put in place training, communication and awareness raising activities.

"Cassa Depositi e Prestiti’s business model is founded on a circular logic, with the funds collected from the country through postal savings being ploughed back into communities in the form of economic, social and environmental benefits." - underlined   CDP’s CEO Fabrizio Palermo  - “And it is precisely this logic that drives CDP to promote the transition towards a circular model along the value chain, with continued support for public administrations, businesses and regions in implementing innovative initiatives dedicated to energy efficiency, the development of renewable energy and combatting hydrogeological instability. With this in mind, membership of the Alliance is a further step in CDP's commitment to promoting a sustainable development model in line with the UN Agenda 2030 goals and confirms its will to find creative and effective joint solutions, including through continuous engagement and fruitful collaboration with institutions and the main reference stakeholders".