The CDP Group for Magaldi Power: strong relationship with SMEs in Campania

The CDP Group for Magaldi Power: strong relationship with SMEs in Campania

Reliability through innovation. This is the philosophy of Magaldi Power, a company from Campania specialising in the production of industrial machinery and plants for the transport of materials at high temperature.

The company, founded in 1901 by Emilio Magaldi, is a world leader in the production of metal conveyor belts for the handling of bulk and abrasive materials, used in thermoelectric power plants, foundries, steelworks, metallurgical plants and cement factories.

Its development on the international markets began in the 1990s, starting with Japan in 1993, and then continuing with Australia, Germany, India and the United States. This continuous expansion has been achieved as a result of its consolidated relationship with SACE SIMEST Industrial Centre, allowing the company, which is also active in Italy with cutting-edge projects, to expand its export destinations, which include Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Mongolia and South Korea.
With over 200 employees and a turnover of €35 million in 2018, the Magaldi Power Group has 250 patents registered worldwide and has supplied over 1,200 installations in 39 countries, on 5 continents. This result has been achieved as a result of investments in Research and Development for the implementation of modern and eco-sustainable solutions.

In recent years, the Group has also invested in the renewable energy sector, developing and patenting in Sicily the first CSP (concentrated solar power) plant in the world, which uses sand as a means of storing the energy generated by radiation.

The consolidated collaboration with Magaldi Power testifies to the CDP Group’s commitment to supporting innovation and the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in southern Italy, which includes support for internationalisation and access to credit, which are key points in the 2019-2021 Business Plan.