The CDP Business Matching platform lands in the USA. A new network between Italian and US companies
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The CDP Business Matching platform lands in the USA. A new network between Italian and US companies

One year after its launch, the free activities of the digital tool have involved more than 4,000 companies, especially SMEs, 60% of which are Italian and 40% are foreign

Over 70,000 views have been recorded and more than 10,000 matches have been made between national and international companies

Overseas expansion follows the operations already launched in China, South Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, Morocco and Mexico 


Rome, 25 January 2023 – As of today, the digital platform CDP Business Matching, which fosters the development of new networks between Italian and foreign companies, will be extended to the United States as well, with a kick-off event organised by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) together with the Italian Embassy in Washington. Opening the proceedings of the webinar “Italy meets USA”  at CDP's headquarters will be Italy's Ambassador in the United States, Mariangela Zappia, the CEO of CDP, Dario Scannapieco, the Administrator of the US Small Business Administration, Isabella Casillas Guzman, the Chargé d'Affaires of the United States Embassy in Rome, Shawn Crowley, and the Director of International and European Affairs of CDP and Chairman of SIMEST, Pasquale Salzano. The event, scheduled to be broadcast live on 25 January starting at 18:00 Italian time (12:00 Washington time; 09:00 San Francisco time), will be attended by executives of American groups with interests in Italy and executives of Italian companies operating in the USA, as well as representatives of Confindustria, CNA, the US Chamber of Commerce in Italy and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE).

The Business Matching Platform is an innovative digital tool developed by CDP in synergy with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and SIMEST (CDP Group), with the involvement of all the country's leading players. Its aim is to support and strengthen economic and business relations between Italian and foreign companies, in particular SMEs, based on their characteristics and needs, overcoming existing barriers particularly on more distant and complex markets.

The platform, created in eight languages and in line with the highest IT security standards, gives companies the opportunity to network with other companies by allowing them to schedule meetings in a virtual space, including with the availability of an interpreter. It represents a first step to create new and tangible business relationships and expand one's international network.

CDP Business Matching was launched just over a year ago thanks to the support of the diplomatic-consular network of ICE and the local partners present in the various countries of operation: China, South Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Mexico and now the USA. Around 4,000 companies are registered on the platform, 60% of which are Italian and 40% foreign, more than 70,000 views have been reached and over 10,000 matches have been proposed between Italian and foreign companies. Over the last few months, webinars and sectoral events have been organised involving a total of around 2,800 companies, generating approximately 500 B2B meetings.

The second year of the platform's operations opens with the launch of the tool in the USA, to then continue with other priority countries for exports and the international expansion of the Italian production system.

After the kick-off event in January, the operations will continue in the USA thanks to the support of the Italian Embassy in Washington, the five ICE offices in the United States and the other partners of the initiative. Vertical events are also planned throughout 2023, organised in conjunction with the main trade fairs scheduled in the USA, in relevant sectors such as fashion, Food & Beverage, furniture, biomedical, automotive, machinery, agri-food and nautical.

To stay up-to-date on the scheduled initiatives, see the events section of the Business Matching Platform portal.

The Chief Executive Officer of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Dario Scannapieco, said: “In the complex global scenario, the ability to support our production system abroad is one of the challenges currently faced by Italian economic system. The CDP Group helps Italian companies to grow and become increasingly resilient, not only with renewed support for exports and an increased presence and competitiveness abroad but also with support and advisory tools. The Business Matching platform was created precisely to help our businesses seize the opportunities offered by international markets. We will endeavour to maintain and strengthen this kind of support also in 2023, in close synergy with national institutions and with the main players in exports and international expansion".

Italy's Ambassador in the United States, Mariangela Zappia, said: “The United States are already the first target country for Italian exports outside Europe and alone generate half of our net trade surplus. At the same time, the largest and most dynamic economy in the world is among the markets with the greatest growth potential for Made in Italy in all sectors, from the most renowned ones such as food, fashion and design, to mechanics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and the hi-tech sectors of tomorrow's economy. We therefore welcome the launch of the CDP Business Matching platform: a tangible, operational tool that strengthens Italy's action in the USA in support of Italian SMEs and a lever for the growth of US investments in Italy”.

Business Matching enriches the offering of tools and services deployed by CDP, SACE, SIMEST and the ICE Agency to promote agreements between Italian and foreign companies. To support this process, SIMEST pays special attention to Italian SMEs in promoting the digital platform.

After signing up for free, Italian companies are invited to indicate their mission and business strategy in relation to foreign markets and the profile of the international counterparts they wish to network with. At this point, companies will receive notification of possible matches with counterparts and the related percentage of affinity based on their profile and the objectives entered during the profiling phase. It is also possible to view the information on the foreign company and choose whether or not to accept the contact proposed by the algorithm. In the event of a positive outcome, a virtual meeting can be set up in a dedicated space (virtual room) within the platform with the option to request an external interpreting service, if necessary. 

Focus sheets are also published on the online portal with information and insights on each country where the service is operational. 

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