Terna stake transferred to CDP RETI
Press release

Terna stake transferred to CDP RETI

Rome, 27 October 2014 

Cassa depositi e prestiti Spa (CDP) announces that, as part of the project to expand the shareholder base of CDP RETI to comprise non-Group investors, its entire interest in TERNA Spa, composed of 599,999,999 shares, equal to 29.851% of the share capital, was transferred today to CDP RETI Spa (wholly-owned by CDP).

The shareholding in TERNA was transferred  - after the Prime Minister’s Office elected not to exercise its special powers in accordance with the regulations governing special State powers (Decree Law 21/2012 and associated implementing regulations) - through the subscription and payment of a CDP RETI capital increase by CDP. The capital increase had been authorized by the CDP RETI shareholders’ meeting on 24 September 2014 and was reserved to the sole shareholder, CDP.

As a result of the transfer, CDP RETI, which already held 30.000% of SNAM Spa, now also controls 29.851% of TERNA.

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