Terna and Avvenia come together to improve energy efficiency in Italy

Terna and Avvenia come together to improve energy efficiency in Italy

New partnership for the CDP Group associate company to innovate energy services and reduce environmental impacts

Rome, 27 July 2017

Terna, an associate of CDP Reti, has signed a partnership agreement with Avvenia, a leading business in the provision of energy services and efficiency projects. Through the agreement, signed by the Terna Group via Terna Plus, the two companies seek to jointly identify and implement new commercial opportunities for services and interventions to make energy more efficient, reducing environmental impacts and energy consumption.

Set up in 2004, Avvenia has distinguished itself for its high degree of specialization and across-the-board skills, becoming one of Italy’s leading certified Energy Service Companies (ESCo) with over 170 million euros in benefits generated by its energy efficiency projects. Terna Plus, responsible for new business development at the Terna Group, is an active participant in leading energy market trends, such as the growth in renewable energy sources, the transition to the Smart Grids and innovations in energy efficiency; it invests in projects in the energy sector and infrastructure with an industrial logic for long-term sustainability.

The partnership will enable the companies to further strengthen their role as 360° integrated energy service providers, with an increasing focus on reducing consumption and environmental impacts, and to offer more innovative solutions as Energy Solution Provider.

In this way we support change through the adoption of innovative and sustainable forms of energy and #wepromotethefuture