Technogym secures 25 million euro for sports and wellness expansion

Technogym secures 25 million euro for sports and wellness expansion

The pillars of the wellness economy - fitness, sports, meditation, relaxation, nutrition, and technology - blend together to create a holistic experience aimed at enriching individuals' sense of well-being. According to the Global Wellness Institute, this sector is globally worth 4,400 billion euro, with 738 billion euro dedicated to physical activity alone (of which 20 billion euro in Italy alone).

According to a recent joint study by the WHO and OECD, if the population of the 27 EU member states were to engage in 150 minutes of light physical activity per week, it would result in a total annual public expenditure saving of 7.7 billion euro across the EU (of which 1.3 billion euro saved in our country alone).

Against this backdrop, the significance of sports equipment is paramount, and Italy's Technogym stands as a global leader, excelling in the design, production, and marketing of professional machinery and services tailored for gyms, fitness centres, hotels, sports teams, corporations, universities, medical facilities, and individual clients.

Each day, over 50 million individuals exercise using Technogym equipment across 85,000 fitness facilities and 400,000 private residences spanning 100 countries.

Founded in 1983, the company was conceived by Nerio Alessandri, who blended his love for technology and sports to pioneer his initial gym equipment. This marked the inception of the wellness concept - a lifestyle centered around regular exercise, a balanced diet and a positive mental outlook. Since then, a profound legacy of innovation has commenced, as evidenced by the acquisition of 340 patents and the registration of 424 trademarks. These figures can be supplemented by the statistics on employees, approximately 2,000 in total, and on turnover, which has soared to 720 million euro, of which over 90% is from internationally generated revenues.

Also contributing to its growth is the recognition as the official supplier for eight Winter and Summer Olympics, including the 2021 Tokyo Games and the forthcoming 2024 Paris Games. Furthermore, the company has established partnerships with Formula 1 teams, soccer teams, tennis tournaments and basketball teams.

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti has provided Technogym with a 25 million loan to acquire new production facilities boasting low environmental impact and to facilitate the development of cutting-edge products that seamlessly blend physical activity and health solutions. This strategy enables the company to meet the changing digital expectations of consumers, deepen its direct engagement with customers, and preserve its competitive advantage in both domestic and international markets.