Sustainable mobility in Valle d’Aosta: Agreement between the Region, Town of Courmayeur and CDP

Sustainable mobility in Valle d’Aosta: Agreement between the Region, Town of Courmayeur and CDP

Promoting sustainable mobility at the local level to support development of tourism and economic competitiveness. This is the objective of the Agreement signed in Courmayeur between the Valle d’Aosta Autonomous Region, the Town of Courmayeur and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), based on which CDP will provide assistance and consulting services to local authorities in assessing the sustainability of the New Alpine Transport initiative proposed by the municipality and aimed at creating new links and infrastructure.

The study focuses on a cable car and overhead rail transport network with a focus on tourism, urban and skiing facilities, for an innovative connection between the Courmayeur capital, the neighbouring valleys and the ski resort, capable of safeguarding the territory through solutions with low environmental impact.

The Agreement implements the provisions of the Regional Economic and Financial Document (DEFR) for the three-year period 2024-2026, which envisages differentiated measures to be applied in the cableway sector based on size and local, national or international importance of ski resorts, downhill and cross-country skiing, allowing everyone to successfully adapt to environmental, economic and social changes with a view to sustainability. This will be accompanied by the opportunity to explore innovative and replicable alternative mobility solutions in mountainous areas such as Valdigne, which will be analysed by CDP. 

For the Town of Courmayeur, the agreement is an initial concrete step in assessing the feasibility of a proposed study on a revolutionary project for comprehensive urban transport in the area. A plan that looks to the future, with a focus on environmental protection, reduction of traffic to the valleys and financial sustainability, aiming to reposition and relaunch the Alpine resort at the foot of Mont Blanc on international markets with a highly innovative offer.

In Cassa Depositi e Prestiti’s role as National Promotional Institution, this new Agreement is part of a broader strategy outlined in the Strategic Plan that aims to strengthen the relationship with public entities and local administrations in order to implement projects for sustainable development, with modernisation of transport infrastructure to generate positive impacts on the territory and in local communities. An activity that in 2023 resulted in assisting 17 central governments with investments in the implementation of over 90 investment lines of Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), for a total of about 50 billion euro, of which 3 billion managed directly by CDP.