Sustainable development: the first results of the Zero Plastica project

1.4 million fewer plastic products and a reduction in emissions amounting to 38 tonnes of CO2.

These are the results achieved thanks to the Zero Plastica (Zero Plastics) project, six months after the launch of the initiative, which confirm the CDP Group’s growing focus on environmental protection and sustainable development.

In recent months, the project has made it possible to start a real transformation within the Group’s offices, through the progressive replacement of plastic glasses, bottles and pallets with objects made of paper, wood and other recyclable materials.

The path begun with Zero Plastica also aims to generate positive impacts not only in Italy, but also in developing countries: thanks to WAMI water bottles, distributed to colleagues, it will be possible to make a concrete contribution to the implementation of water projects in the most needy areas, thus confirming the CDP Group’s focus on sustainable development at a global level.

The Zero Plastica project has started a process increasingly aimed at promoting initiatives dedicated to environmental protection and the well-being of its employees: recycling, sustainable mobility and well-being are the central themes on which the CDP Group is working, to make a concrete contribution to sustainable growth, starting with small daily gestures.