Sustainability: Snam Partners’ Day

Sustainability: Snam Partners’ Day

An agreement with SEAT to promote green mobility and a day for recounting the future of the CDP Reti subsidiary, with CDP President Massimo Tononi

Milan November 29, 2018

There were about 500 participants at Snam Partners' Day 2018, held in Milan at the Officine del Volo: suppliers, customers and employees of the company, institutions, the financial community and media, in short, all the relevant stakeholders for the CDPReti affiliate. The guests also included Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and CDP Chairman Massimo Tononi, welcomed by Snam Chairman Carlo Malacarne and CEO Marco Alverà.  The aim of the meeting was to reflect on companies' role in promoting a virtuous circle of innovation and growth for Italy and its territories. With this in mind, Snam presented three new initiatives relating to innovation, energy transition and social enterprise:

  • the Snamtec project, for which the company will invest 850 million euros by 2022 to become increasingly renewable, technological, digital and open to links and connections with enterprises and territories;
  • the "Social Supply Chain", a policy that facilitates the direct involvement of social enterprises in the supply chain and favours their inclusion also as subcontractors, through rewarding mechanisms in the evaluation of offers;
  • the "Snam Up" Open Innovation platform, which will on the one hand allow all its collaborators to propose new projects and develop entrepreneurship skills, and on the other hand will bring the company closer to the start-up ecosystem.

The day also featured the signing of a partnership between Snam and SEAT to promote the use of natural gas (CNG - compressed natural gas) and renewable fuel (biomethane) for cars in Europe. More specifically, the partnership envisages that the two companies explore business development opportunities and initiatives aimed at retailers, commercial customers and motorists to promote the system of natural gas filling stations and the identification of new technological projects. It also envisages that they collaborate in the development of mobility services and in the creation of new products, with the aim of offering added value to owners of this type of vehicle.