Sustainability at Marghera Levante with the CDP Group

Sustainability at Marghera Levante with the CDP Group

An agreement has been signed between Ansaldo Energia, a subsidiary of CDP Equity, and Edison to contribute to the energy transition in Italy with a new, latest-generation, combined gas cycle

Rome March 7, 2019

Development, innovation, sustainability: these are the objectives of the agreement signed between Ansaldo Energia and Edison, to upgrade the Marghera Levante (Venice) thermoelectric plant with a new, latest-generation combined cycle.

The investment will be over 300 million euros and includes the construction of the power island: Ansaldo Energia, a CDP Group subsidiary through CDP Equity, will be responsible for the construction of the new, high-efficiency GT36 gas turbine which will significantly reduce CO2 emissions, with a total electrical power of 780 MW and a 63% energy yield.

The agreement, signed in the presence of institution representatives, including Dario Galli, deputy minister and undersecretary for economic development and Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Region, represents an important step for the Italian energy transition, which is strongly promoted by the two leading industrial companies in the agreement.

As the main shareholder of Ansaldo Energia, CDP participates in the innovation path undertaken by the Genoese company, an international leader in the field of electricity generation: through large strategic holdings, Cassa depositi e prestiti confirms its support for the development of the Italian industrial sector, in terms of innovation, technology and sustainability, as indicated in the 2019-2021 Business Plan.