Supply Chain and District Contracts 2017 (IV Call)

Supply Chain and District Contracts 2017 (IV Call)

The benefits are intended to enhance the integration of the agricultural and agri-food supply chain and to strengthen agri-food districts.

Who’s it for?

The following entities can benefit from the subsidised loan:

  •  Companies defined under the current legislation, including consortia, cooperative societies and their associations, as well as networks of companies, operating in the agricultural and agri-food sector;
  • Organisations and associations of agricultural producers recognised under the current legislation;
  • Companies set up between entities that carry out agricultural activities and commercial and / or industrial and / or distribution companies, provided at least 51% of the share capital is owned by agricultural entrepreneurs, agricultural cooperatives and their consortia or by producer organisations recognised under the current legislation. The capital of the aforementioned companies may also be held, to a degree not exceeding 10%, by large agricultural or commercial companies.

How does it work?

CDP Resources: 310 million euros, for subsidised loans

Financing quota: Up to 50% of the loan is granted by CDP at a subsidised rate and, the remaining part is granted by the bank at the market rate. The scheme may also provide for and aid grant in the form of a capital contribution.

Rate: The subsidised rate applied to the quota of the loan granted by the CDP is equal to 0.50% nominal annual. The rate applied to the bank loan is agreed with the beneficiary entity, taking the trend in market rates into account.

Duration: The loan may have a duration of between 4 and 15 years, including a grace period proportionate to the duration of the investment project, starting from the date that the Loan Agreement is signed. In any case, the duration of the grace period of loan cannot exceed 4 years.

How to apply

Applications for the subsidy must be submitted to the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies (MiPAAFT), subject to obtaining a creditworthiness certificate issued by one of the financing banks adhering to the subsidy scheme (see list in the "Related documents” section)
For guidelines and rules for using the resources, refer the specific legislation. The granting of subsidised loans is subject to the positive assessment of the concessional merit by the relevant Ministry and the creditworthiness, by the Bank which co-finances with CDP.


For further information:

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Additional Informaiton
FRI – Supply Chain and District Contacts 2017 (IV Call) – General Regulations

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