Suburban regeneration arrives in Benevento

Suburban regeneration arrives in Benevento

CDP provides €700 thousand for a meeting centre for citizens and immigrants

National youth unemployment stood at 30% in 2021, exceeding 40% in the south of Italy. A situation adding to other problems in the Italian suburbs including school dropout rates, educational poverty, insecurity and high levels of immigration.

To tackle the situation, the Italian government launched the "Fund for the implementation of the extraordinary interventions programme for urban regeneration or the security of the suburbs".

With its Urban suburbs regeneration loan, CDP advances the necessary funds for interventions to entities that have been awarded state funding. Under the scheme, the Municipality of Benevento received €700,000 to build a neighbourhood centre in the Pacevecchia area.

The centre will be a meeting place for citizens and immigrants living in the area. Cultural and multimedia laboratories will be set up, including an after-school area, a playroom and a tech lab to promote new teaching techniques. In addition, internal space will be provided for an immigration info-point and help desk.

The project involves the refurbishment of a dilapidated municipal building to create new interior spaces, address architectural issues and install disabled toilets. The structure will be made energy efficient with the installation of a 6 Kwh photovoltaic system and the use of energy saving technologies.