Subsidized loans due to CDP and Abi

Subsidized loans due to CDP and Abi

Aimed at families the new support measure promoted under the "Home Package"

Rome, July 28, 2016

Thanks to an agreement between CDP and Abi, families - with priority given to those with disabilities and to young couples - will have access to loans on favorable terms for the purchase of a first home and to perform renovations. With a resolution, the Italian Tax Revenue Service said that the contracts are exempt from registration fees and stamp duties and any other indirect tax.

The project is part of the CDP "Home Package" program, launched at the end of 2013, the total value of which has reached 8 billion euros, thanks to CDP’s new Business Plan.

With this measure, the CDP Group affirms its role as National Promotion Institute stimulating the development of the Italian economic and social system. The program gives support to families and young people in being able to have a home to build their future.