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Study on European SMEs

“SME Investments and Innovation. France, Germany, Italy and Spain” is a joint study by CDP and three other major National Promotional Banks: Germany’s KfW, France’s BPI and Spain’s ICO

Despite the different structural characteristics and economic conditions of Italy, Germany, France and Spain, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have a key role in sustainable growth in Europe.

However, SMEs suffered greatly and continue to suffer from the economic and financial crisis, which caused a deterioration in the business outlook and objective difficulties in obtaining financing.

It is for this reason that in recent years, in all four countries analysed, SMEs have cut the amount they were investing in innovation, which is however the most important way to ensure the long-term competitiveness of Europe.

The Juncker Plan can play an important role in supporting SMEs, as it provides for an "SMEs Window" of €75 billion out of the total €315 billion. Support for the sector from National Promotional Banks will also play a crucial role, through dedicated financing and tools to overcome the specific challenges of each country.

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