Finanziamenti Strutturati per medie e grandi imprese | CDP

Structured Financing

To support specific capex plans and investment projects for internal and external business growth

Who it is aimed at

Medium-sized and Large Companies.

How it works

We support companies with financial and contractual structures tailored to each individual initiative (e.g. acquisition fin., asset-based fin., inventory fin., project financing), typically in a pool with the banking system. In particular:

  • CDP acts by granting medium-long term loans to companies directly or through ad hoc special purpose vehicles (SPVs). The loans are usually secured loans and structured based on the specific characteristics of the investment or business growth project.
  • The transactions are preferably completed in a pool with the banking system or other lenders. CDP supports the operations with a dedicated team that analyses the company needs and evaluates /researches the solution that best meets the demands of the company and their different credit needs.
  • As well as new investments, existing investments can be financed in sectors compatible with the CDP statute (e.g. infrastructure, green economy, research, development, innovation etc) that have not yet depreciated on the date of the last available financial statements.
  • The characteristics of the Structured Finance granted by CDP, which can be adapted according to the specific business needs, vary depending on the purpose of the investment plan, the rating of the counterparty and the security package. The company reimburses the loan according to a personalised repayment plan, tailored to the investment financed (instalment or maturity), at an interest rate that can be fixed or variable.

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