Social infrastructure: CDP leader in Europe

Social infrastructure: CDP leader in Europe

The "Prodi Plan" for investments in high impact social finance was presented in Brussels. CDP leads the Task Force to promote new initiatives and support the development of a strategic sector for the growth of our country

Brussels January 24, 2018

Education, health, urban transformation, and social housing are just some of the areas of social impact finance, which includes projects and initiatives geared towards the public good. CDP, as Italy’s National Promotion Institution, is the undisputed leader in this sector due to numerous managed projects ranging from school buildings to support for the redevelopment of urban suburbs to social housing, to aid in reconstruction after natural disasters and to new social enterprise initiatives.

CDP’s leading role was highlighted in Brussels during the presentation of the "Boosting Investment in Social Infrastructure in Europe" report, produced by CDP and the European Policy Center. The event was an opportunity to analyze the results of the study in the presence of Romano Prodi (former European Commission president and Italian prime minister), Jyrki Katainen (vice-president of the European Commission), Christian Sautter (former French economy  minister) and Laurent Zylberberg (president of ELTI).

Despite the progress made in the social infrastructure sector, the CDP report highlighted the persistence of significant gaps due to the lack of investment in a strategic area for the economic and social growth of European countries.

It is therefore necessary to promote new models of action, capable of catalyzing public and private resources to achieve a common goal: to work with competence and courage to return to European citizens indispensable works and projects for the improvement of collective well-being.

To achieve this goal, CDP will lead the Task Force charged with implementing the so-called €150 billion investment plan in the social infrastructure sector. From school buildings to support for post-earthquake reconstruction, from social housing projects to the launch of Social Bond, CDP's commitment to the social impact finance sector is consistent.