Social housing in Trieste: new life for the former paper mill

Social housing in Trieste: new life for the former paper mill

83 flats inaugurated with slated fees and spaces dedicated to socializing in the new urban regeneration initiative supported by CDP Group

Rome October 5, 2018

CDP social housing is coming to Trieste, where 83 new rental housing units have been inaugurated as a result of the former Ex-Saul Sadoch initiative. The project was carried out by the FVG Social Housing Fund, in which CDP Investimenti SGR has invested over €60 million through the Investment Fund for Housing (FIA). The urban regeneration project has concerned the redevelopment of over 8,900 square meters of buildings that once housed the Saul Sadoch paper factory, a site with considerable historical value for Trieste.

The building, built in 1957 has been unused since the 90s, was given new life with newg housing units, commercial space, and socializing areas.

With rents of between €435 and €590 for single and two-room apartments, social housing accommodation (71 out of 83 total) will be allocated to the segment of citizens - such as young families, separated parents, workers and the elderly - who cannot afford housing on the free market, but has an income too high for popular housing. The remaining 12 units will be rented at market prices. As of today, it will be possible for all those interested in renting to send their requests using the methods defined by the online notice.

The Saul Sadoch paperfactory, is a continuation of urban regeneration initiatives of  CDP Group, committed to sustainable projects and innovative new housing throughout Italy.

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