Social housing and sustainability: the Orbassano model

Social housing and sustainability: the Orbassano model

70 apartments and a particular focus on people with mobility impairment are at the heart of the project currently being implemented in Turin by CDP Investimenti SGR, a CDP Group company

Turin January 18, 2019

Social housing will be transformed into social infrastructure with the new Orbassano 2 project, the residential initiative that is set to be rolled out in the Arpini district just outside Turin, thanks to the contribution of investors CDP Investimenti SGR, Investire SGR, Città di Orbassano, Cooperativa Di Vittorio, Fondo Abitare Sostenibile Piemonte and Compagnia di San Paolo.

The project, supported by Investire SGR through FASP (the fund managed by CDP through the Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare, which translates as the Investment Fund for Housing) is the next step of a project launched in 2017, and is designed to provide a response to housing issues, while developing a new residential service designed to facilitate the integration of people with mobility impairment, in collaboration with the Gruppo di Aiuto e Sostegno del Disagio Abitativo delle Persone, which helps people with severe disabilities who have problems with housing.

The project, which is set to be completed by 2020, will see the construction of 10 apartments for sale and 59 for price-controlled rental, 7 of which will be used to provide housing for people with disabilities, designed to enable tenants to live as independently as possible, with the additional possibility of accommodation for nursing staff in a highly inclusive structure which is free from obstacles and physical divisions.

The Cooperativa Giuseppe Di Vittorio will be responsible for implementing and managing the project. Orbassano 2 represents an advanced model of social housing that is focused on the needs of target users, with housing proposals that are fully accessible and sustainable.

This initiative reaffirmsthe dedication of CDP Group to sustainable growth across the territory, in line with objectives set out in the new Industrial Plan.