Snam and Eni for sustainable mobility

Snam and Eni for sustainable mobility

The agreement to build 20 new natural gas and biomethane filling stations in Italy

Reasonable, high performing and respectful of the environment: we are talking about natural gas and biomethane, the alternative fuels that are changing the future of green mobility. And precisely to give g-mobility (the use of gas for haulage) a boost in Italy, Snam has set in motion a number of collaboration agreements with the big companies of the automotive sector (FCA and Iveco) and of the oil&gas world through its new subsidiary Snam4Mobility.

Within the more extensive framework agreement signed by Snam and Eni, the companies signed a new contract to build 20 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) filling stations in Italy. Specifically, Snam will be in charge of the design, building and maintenance of the new plants inside the national network of Eni filling stations for a total investment of €10 million. These are only the first steps that the two CDP Group investee companies are taking. With an allocation budgeted for €150 million, in 2021 up to 300 new CNG filling stations will be built, in this way supporting the development of systems for the supply of natural gas and their more balanced spread throughout the various regions of the country, and the improvement of the quality of service provided to the users.

Through the activity of all investee companies, the CDP Group is engaged in reducing the impact on the environment in order to build a sustainable and green future.

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