Snam and Albgaz promoting the gas market in Albania together

Snam and Albgaz promoting the gas market in Albania together

The CDP Group subsidiary's new collaboration agreement for infrastructure development projects related to Albania's methane supply process

Rome, 2 August 2017

Snam, a CDP Reti subsidiary, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Albgaz, the company appointed to develop and manage the gas infrastructure system in Albania. The agreement focuses on the development of areas of collaboration for supporting the infrastructure system that will be managed by the Albanian company, in connection with the arrival of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline in the country.

The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline is the ambitious infrastructure project that, crossing more than 878 km of land, will leave from Kipoi (at the border between Greece and Turkey) and reach Salento, connecting the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline to the Italian gas transportation network. The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline will cross 215 km of Albania, allowing the process of supplying the country with gas to kick off in through Albgaz.

Thanks to the partnership deal signed with Snam, the Albanian company (founded in January 2017) may receive support for developing the infrastructure plan necessary for reinforcing the gas market in Albania, making use of the Italian company's experience built up over more than 75 years doing business. The agreement also fits in with the initiatives set up by the Snam Global Solutions business unit, which pursues the objective of promoting the company's distinctive know-how internationally considering the fact that it manages the widest, most accessible grid in Europe with more than 40,000 km of pipeline.

Along with Snam #wepromotethefuture of infrastructure networks across Europe.