Smart Housing: evolutions and trends in a new CDP Report

The Report analysing the changes in housing demand in Italy is now online. It identifies development prospects and innovative solutions for a real estate market increasingly aimed at new targets

Roma, 28 gennaio 2019

The change in housing demand andthe residential market as a whole is the most important statistic emerging from the Monographic Report Smart Housing- the new dimensions of living.

The new dimensions of living carried out by the CDP Research and Studies Department. Many factors contributed to this evolution, from demographic changes and new lifestyles to the growth of certain macro-trends such as the fragility of certain areas, migratory flows and population ageing.

CDP's commitment to promoting new housing solutions fits perfectly within this development scenario, with numerous Social and Smart Housing initiatives designed to meet new real estate needs, contributing to the redevelopment of Italy.

To discover more details about the study, visit the dedicated page.