Sicilian technology for a more sustainable agriculture

Sicilian technology for a more sustainable agriculture

Technology Made in Italy that reduces water consumption in agriculture. This is the story of Irritec, a company based in Capo d'Orlando, Messina, one of the world leaders in drip irrigation systems. Crucial technologies in a place where drought and burgeoning food demand are becoming increasingly urgent issues.

The company competes in more than 120 countries and has 17 production and sales facilities in Italy, Algeria, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Spain and the United States. 

In addition to international expansion, the company is also strongly committed to sustainability, with an array of projects ranging from the involvement of farmers in the disposal of plastic products to the acquisition of legal status as a Benefit Corporation, which reinforces the focus on economic, social and environmental impact. 

Drawing on funding from the European Investment Bank, CDP granted a Euro 10 million loan to the company. The resources will be used to support research and innovation aimed at developing technologies for smart agricultural management and circular economy models. Moreover, production lines will be upgraded, photovoltaic plants built and new products manufactured.

Initiatives that will boost plant productivity, increase revenues and strengthen the company's positioning in terms of sustainability.