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School Building Loans With Provisions From International Financial Institutions

We provide the Regions with financial coverage for extraordinary interventions for publicly owned buildings used for education and housing or residences for university students, the construction of new public school buildings and the construction and renovation of school gyms.

Who’s it for?


How does it work?

We grant the Regions loans with amortisation charges covered by the State budget, to finance works carried out on school buildings by Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and Provinces. These are granted based on regional rankings, authorised by MIUR, pursuant to Article 10 of Legislative Decree 104/2013.

For each year of the period of use, the Regions may request up to a maximum of three payments, on set dates, based on the needs expressed by the Local Authorities concerned.

For this type of loan, financial provision is acquired from international financial institutions.

Where to apply

Al momento non è possibile attivare nuove richieste di prestito in quanto sono in corso di definizione le modalità di finanziamento degli interventi previsti dal piano edilizia scolastica 2018-2020.

Further Information

Regulations - School buildings Regions

Law Decree 12th September 2013 n. 104

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