Saipem: New Offshore Plants for Fields in Saudi Arabia

The CDP Group subsidiary renews the deal with oil & gas leader Saudi Aramco until 2021. For the eighth consecutive year, Saipem is part of the FTSE4Good Sustainability Index

Rome August 10, 2017

Saipem reached a new milestone in Saudi Arabia, by being awarded a supply contract by Saudi Aramco, the company with the world’s largest reserves. The agreement is part of the long-term agreement, renewed in 2015 until 2021. Specifically, the CDP subsidiary will be involved in the design, procurement, construction and installation of 19 offshore platform pylons for the development of Marjan, Zuluf, Berri, Hasbah, and Safaniya, among the most important fields in the Gulf of Arabia region.

With this assignment, Saipem further strengthens its presence in strategic areas such as the Middle East, demonstrating the soundness of its business and the quality of its products and services. Thanks to its exceptional performance in environmental, social, and governance (ESG), the company was included in the FTSE4Good Sustainability Index for the eighth consecutive year. This recognition is the result of Saipem's commitment to consistently pursuing technological innovation, the promotion of human and labor rights in the countries in which it operates, responsible management of the environment, and attention to health and safety in its supply chain. Saipem’s commitment to corporate responsibility is further underlined by the acceptance to the United Nations Global Compact initiative last year.