Saipem Invests in Cutting-Edge Technology with NTT DATA and Siemens

Saipem Invests in Cutting-Edge Technology with NTT DATA and Siemens

The CDP Group subsidiary signs two agreements for subsea automation prototypes and implementations

Milan March 24, 2017

Saipem and NTT DATA signed a collaboration agreement to create prototypes and new solutions in shipyards and on Saipem vessels. The areas of cooperation involve advanced wearable devices, Internet of Things, cyber security, and virtual and augmented reality. An existing example of the synergy between NTT DATA and Saipem-Innovation Factory is "Digital Site," the project launched in Arbatax Saipem center in Sardinia, where the use of innovative devices for the health and safety of workers includes the smart shirt pioneered by Hitoe of NTT DATA.

Saipem, a CDP Group subsidiary, has also chosen Siemens as a partner for innovation in fossil fuel exploration and production. Saipem and Siemens signed a Joint Development Agreement for an open system of subsea control for Saipem Subsea Bus architecture. Siemens, through its submarine division, will support Saipem in developing its portfolio of automation, control and communication of Siemens Subsea DigiGrid interface. This system is a key element of Saipem platform technology for subsea processing systems, and will be the first control system on the market to promote the creation of a submarine system modularized and standardized through the open framework architecture.

Saipem Subsea Bus is a hardware platform and open software framework, designed by Saipem to make possible the development and integration of innovative subsea technology applications, such as sea water treatment and separation. The Saipem-Siemens control system will also permit the monitoring of subsea fields with large distances between wells and platforms thanks to the “All- Electric” configuration, avoiding the use of expensive and delicate hydraulic umbilical cables and exploiting designs distributed with high performance control units.

Saipem’s safer and sustainable production systems follow the objectives set out in CDP Group’s 2016-2020 business plan.