Saipem factory innovation, CDP Group thinks young

Saipem factory innovation, CDP Group thinks young

Engineers, technicians and lawyers under 30 for a workshop open to universities and start-ups

San Donato Milanese, 29 August 2016

Saipem has a new tool to address the challenges of the future - the Innovation Factory.  The idea incubator  provides a hotbed of experimentation to address the issues of the energy sector with solutions, technologies and alternative methodologies. CDP Group – owner of 12.5% of Saipem through CDP Equity -  likes the initiative and is particularly interested in fostering productive scenarios for the future.

The Innovation Factory is first of all a space occupied by a young team divided into working groups (with an average age of thirty), selected from various fields (from engineers to lawyers to engineers) and called to put use experience, creativity and professionalism to develop a new methodological approach to work.

The workshop’s aim is to create a different business process: the groups are proposed issues to reflect on to come up with ideas and proposals under the motto "Fail fast, fail cheap". The imperative:  determine the quality of the project in a short time and decide immediately whether to implement it or leave it, thus avoiding endless studies and audits. The monitoring progress within the Innovation Factory is entrusted to senior sponsors: it is they who, aware of the needs of the company, rely on team issues to work on, in the spaces of the new innovation lab located at Saipem headquarters in San Donato Milanese. The lab working in collaboration with universities, research centers and start-ups is a genius cloud  "to create a growth ecosystem and know-how," says Antonio Careddu Evp Strategies, Innovation and ICT Saipem.