Saipem: Advanced Robotics For Underwater Environmental Security

Saipem: Advanced Robotics For Underwater Environmental Security

The CDP Group subsidiary developed new technology to intervene in the event of accidents at submarine oil wells

Rome April 20, 2017

Saipem has built the most technologically advanced structure in Trieste, Italy to limit the damage resulting from damage to underwater oil wells.

Developed by Sonsub engineers -the Saipem-owned company specializing in underwater robotics- the equipment enables short-term remedies for any loss of submarine gas pipelines and oil pipes by filling holes and cracks.

The construction of similar equipment had already been tempted by several oil companies, but in these cases the "stoppers" weighed a few hundred tons and always needed a bearer for positioning. For Saipem's technology, entirely developed in Trieste, the procedure and operation will be controlled remotely. Efficiency and safety are the reference values ​​for the device that will undergo its first test in June in the Adriatic. Between September and October, it will return to Porto Vecchio, in Trieste, ready to be for deployment in the case of real emergencies.

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