Saipem: 60 years of excellence

Saipem: 60 years of excellence

The CDP-controlled company, celebrates with new technological commitments and advanced sustainability solutions

Rome November 28,2017

Saipem, a CDP-controlled company, has worked in the Oil & Gas sector for 60 years, contributing to industrial development and the global diffusion of Made-in-Italy know-how, with a focus on environmental sustainability.

The company, a leader in drilling, construction and installation of large plants, celebrated this milestone at the Teatro Vetra in Milan, with, among others, Paolo Andrea Colombo and Stefano Cao - respectively Saipem Chairman and CEO, CDP Chairman Claudio Costamagna, and European Investment Bank Vice Chairman Dario Scannapieco.

The event marked an opportunity to recall the success achieved by the industrial company, such as the initiatives signed in recent months that testify to Saipem’s national and international leadership, such as contracts signed in Saudi Arabia and Chile.

Saipem has in fact signed an E&C Onshore contract for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning for the Hawiyah Gas Plant (HGP) Expansion Project, extending the Hawiyah gas treatment plant located in the southern the Arabian Peninsula. The project is part of the development plans to meet Saudi national energy demand.  Among the project’s primary aims are the realization of natural gas treatment plants, gas shipment, and associated support utilities.

In Chile, Saipem is committed to the development of water desalination and supply for the Spence Growth Options project (SGO). The project will provide desalinated water for 20 years to the copper mine "Spence" owned by Minera Spence, a subsidiary of BHP, Australia's leading mining company. Saipem, in particular, will implement a pipeline system for water transport from the desalination plant to the mine at 1,710 meters above sea level. The work includes the realization along the pipeline path of three pumping stations and associated control and maintenance systems.

From industrial know-how to commitment to environmental protection issues: Saipem has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Index (DJSI), an internationally accredited sustainability index, gaining a top position among companies in the energy equipment services sector. The inclusion in these indices confirms the focus of the leading Oil & Gas company for sustainable development and responsible management of its business.