Safer schools: new resources with CDP

Safer schools: new resources with CDP

To mark School Safety Day, CDP has renewed its commitment to school infrastructure projects along with the MIUR, the EIB and the CEB: €1.7 billion are set to be invested in the new programme of operations

Rome November 22, 2018

The various initiatives pursued by the group in relation to school infrastructure projects represent an important part of CDP's commitment to the country, as demonstrated by the constant support provided for renovation and restoration projects, the implementation of anti-earthquake measures and the construction of new public buildings, as well as for actions to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

The 2018 School Safety Day represented an opportunity for the Group to reiterate this commitment, with a new Memorandum of Understanding signed by CDP, the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, the European Investment Bank (EIB), and, for the first time in this area, the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB). The goal of the agreement is to implement the works set out in the 2018-2020 national three-year programme on school buildings and infrastructures, as well as assessing the possibility of mobilising new resources.

"By signing this important Memorandum of Understanding, with the support of the various ministries involved, the European Investment Bank and the Council of Europe Development Bank, Cassa depositi e prestiti is renewing its commitment to guaranteeing safe conditions in the schools in which our young people grow and learn,"  said Cassa depositi e prestiti Chief Executive Officer Fabrizio Palermo. "Our goal is to channel significant investments into school buildings and infrastructure, in order to enable the regions to build new schools and ensure existing structures are safe, under the 2018-2020 School Buildings Programme".

On the day dedicated to safety in schools, CDP thus renews its long-term commitment, in synergy with its partner institutions: since 2015, €552 million has been disbursed, and the new plan of interventions, set to be implemented under the new national programme for the three-year period from 2018-2020, will be further supported by financing from state resources, for a €1.7 billionover several years.