Sace researches mechanical engineering

Study aims to identify the strengths and future development areas of a key industry for Italy

Rome, 26 July 2016

Sace has published research into the mechanical engineering sector, which is worth a total of €1,600 billion worldwide. The study, titled “Target 100 billion: Welcome to the Machine” is based on a survey of over 200 companies in what is a high-performing segment of the Italian export market. Italy is the fifth largest global exporter of mechanical engineering services – worth €82 billion to the country – behind China, Germany, the USA and Japan. In particular, Italy is among the leaders in a number of key areas, including packaging machines (2nd), machine tools (3rd), plastic and rubber processing machines (3rd) and textile machinery (4th).

The study reached a large number of conclusions. Among the major findings was that growth could be stimulated by non-bank capital and a distinction between the roles of the international and domestic market. The international market was found to be a playground for competition, while the domestic market is still key for the supply chain.