Sace at the forefront of training youth for the world of work

Sace at the forefront of training youth for the world of work

CDP Group adopts two classes of Rome’s Liceo Eugenio Montale High School that will be involved in "Push to Open" program

Rome, October 17, 2016

Sace confirms its commitment to bringing youth to the world of work through discussion and exchange of experiences with professionals through the “Push to Open” program, creating opportunities for Italy’s future by helping tomorrow’s workforce choose its future and expand its horizons beyond the confines of school, social surroundings and city.

The program, created by Italian start-up Jointly, this year is supported by Sace which added an important novelty to the pilot program: adopting two high school classes from the Classico Eugenio Montale di Roma High School for the 2016-17 school year. In addition providing an online platform to develop an economic and business consciousness, students will now be participate side-by-side with business professionals.   

Sace will take an active part in various workshops and open its doors to offer a chance to participate in job shadowing, while students will enrich their communities with the company values they learned at Sace.      

The initiative reaffirms the attention CDP Group pays to the orientation and training of new generations and represents an important step forward in the new approach to corporate social responsibility undertaken by the Group, marked by the enhancement and sharing of the value created in the company (Corporate Shared Value).