Sace: 5 million euros for Made-in-Italy Aviation

Sace: 5 million euros for Made-in-Italy Aviation

CDP Group supports the research and development of Macaer Aviation, producer of landing gear and cabins for helicopters and jets

Rome February 14, 2017

CDP Group agreed to a deal that will help an Italian aviation company grow its operations in the United States.

CDP subsidiary Sace signed a guarantee for Iccrea BancaImpresa’s 5-million-euro loan to Mecaer Aviation Group SpA that will help the maker of landing gear and cabins for helicopters and civilian jets grow in foreign markets, mainly in the United States.

Mecaer Aviation, which has its headquarters in Borgomanero, Italy, produces landing gear, flight controls and equipment for helicopters and business jets. Macaer is among the leading companies in the aerospace district of the northwest  Piedmont region and caters to market segments of helicopters used in the oil and gas platforms, civil rescue, and corporate and VIP passengers.

The funding will be used for Mecaer’s research and development in its focus on innovation and technology as engines for growth. The operation has strategic importance for Mecaer’s consolidation of its presence in foreign markets, with particular attention on the US.

CDP Group with  its Sace and Simest subsidiaries, represents a single reference point for Italian corporate international expansion. By promoting their growth abroad, CDP promotes Italian companies’ products throughout the  world.