“S. Giuseppe – Antonio Branca” accommodation facility opened in Meldola

Today in Meldola (FC) saw the opening of the “S. Giuseppe – Antonio Branca” accommodation facility, built by CDP through the Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare (FIA), managed by CDP Investimenti

The opening was attended by the Italian Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Giuliano Poletti.

The project involved the renovation and repurposing of a former orphanage containing 26 rooms, thanks to an 18-month investment of around €3.2 million.

The new structure will welcome thousands of patients, family members and professionals who each year come to the town to visit the Romagna Scientific Institute for the Study and Treatment of Cancer (IRST).

“This is a project that we feel especially proud of,” said Paola Delmonte, Head of Social Housing at CDP Investimenti, speaking at the opening.

The project is part of the CDP Group's efforts to support the growth of the country, in its role as National Promotion Institution.