Ring the bell: ready to discover the green school of Colognola?

Ring the bell: ready to discover the green school of Colognola?

September. It is also time to go back to school for the students at the high school Istituto Comprensivo di Colognola ai Colli, in the province of Verona.


From kindergarten to middle school, the schoolchildren there are fortunate enough to study and play in a comfortable environment, with avant-garde architectural solutions and sustainable technologies, starting with the 40 kW vaulting system that feeds the structure.

The Istituto di Colognola ai Colli is a work of great social value, carried out through the support of CDP, which has provided financial support to the municipality with the provision - for the primary school - of a Flexible Loan of €2.4 million and the management of an additional loan of €1.49 million from the State on a total cost of €6 million.

Some close-knit teamwork has relaunched the territorial commitment of CDP, which opened its new Group headquarters in Verona last May.
The mayor of Colognola, Claudio Carcereri De Prato, underlined the transversal value of the initiative: a modern building with great educational performance, eco-sustainable and able to accommodate all the children from the area, including the villages located in the surrounding hills, to ensure quality education and socialisation. “CDP has allowed us to carry out this ambitious project, of which today we are very proud,” said the mayor.

CDP has therefore put its resources to good use by promoting territorial development and the overall socio-economic system, with a view aimed at the future of the country and an ever-increasing focus on sustainability. The Colognola project, in fact, contributes to the achievement of two important Sustainable Development Goals: Quality education (Goal 4) and Sustainable cities and communities (Goal 11).

With the school in Colognola ai Colli begins a journey through the success stories made in the area thanks to the support of CDP: from businesses to local authorities, via international cooperation and the infrastructure sector, there are many projects that Cassa Depositi e Prestiti has supported to contribute to the growth of Italy. Follow our channels to discover them and stay up-to-date!

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