Renewable energy: Simest brings Bolzano to Uganda

Renewable energy: Simest brings Bolzano to Uganda

Mega hydroelectric plant entrusted to PAC of Bolzano , new roads and water wells under construction. CDP invests 4.25 million euros

To enable this ambitious project is Simest, CDP Group that will support - with a commitment of about 4.25 million euros - the internationalization of the PAC SpA of Bolzano, a company operating for 40 years in the energy and construction sector.

The transaction involves Simest’s entry in the capital of a company incorporated in Uganda, sponsored by PAC, who will build a 41- megawatt hydroelectric power plant north of Uganda (Achwa River Hydroelectric generation plant).

The installation of this system represents a first step of an even bigger project that will involve other European Development Finance institutions in the future in the construction of a second plant in Uganda, which will bring total capacity to 83 megawatts.

With this operation Simest achieves two objectives: support the international development of Italian partners CAP and contribute to creating a positive impact on the African country, both in terms of infrastructure (40 km of new roads and several artesian wells will be constructed) and impact environmental.