Real Estate: Quality Tourism at Forum del Sud

Real Estate: Quality Tourism at Forum del Sud

CDP and Scenari Immobiliari support the annual Real Estate event to connect experiences, testimonies and proposals for a harmonious development of Southern Italy

Rome October 25, 2017

For the second consecutive year, Cassa depositi e prestiti supported the Forum del Sud, a one-day-event organized in the Sicilian city of Syracuse. The event is devoted to real estate development in Italy’s south, with particular focus on tourism. The Forum is organized by independent Italian real estate research institute Scenari Immobiliari.

A panel of experts, operators and entrepreneurs interested in real estate investment discussed opportunities offered by the tourism sector and innovative forms of housing in Southern Italy. The event was an occasion to discuss, but also to inform potential foreign investors about opportunities in the Italian tourism sector.

Italy is showing strong growth in tourism sector. Between 2007 and 2017 about sixty-thousand foreign families bought a holiday home in Italy, doubling the number of purchases in the previous ten years. Sicily, which hosted this edition of the Forum, enjoys a prominent spot in Italian and European rankings, along with the Romagna Riviera, Puglia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

CDP contributes to the growth of the Italian tourism sector by improving hospitality real estate, growing the hotel sector, developing infrastructure, and accessing European tourism funds for the public administration. In addition, CDP Group projects foster urban transformation, territorial regeneration, and public-asset redevelopment.

Salvatore Sardo (CDP chief operating officer) opened the Forum with a talk about CDP’s role in promoting Italian real estate.  He was joined at the microphone by Alessandro Belli (Head of Tourism Real Estate of CDP Investimenti Sgr), Paola Delmonte (Social Housing Manager of CDP Investimenti Sgr) and Cristiana Procopio (Head of Equity Investments in Energy, Industrial & Real Estate of CDP), who outlined in detail the Group's support for Real Estate development. Finally, Marco Sangiorgio (General Manager of CDP Investments Sgr) closed the day's work.