QuattroR: Over €700 million to Support Italian Companies

QuattroR: Over €700 million to Support Italian Companies

The fund promoted by CDP, Inail, Inarcassa and Cassa Forense will revive medium and medium-sized companies with recapitalization, restructuring or reorganization operations

Rome April 26, 2017

CDP, in collaboration with Inail, Inarcassa and Cassa Forense, promotes the new QuattroR Fund. With  subscription commitments in the Fund's shares totaling more than €700 million, QuattroR will invest in medium and medium-sized Italian companies characterized by fundamental solvency, but in a state of temporary financial imbalance.

QuattroR is the first Italian investment fund entirely devoted to turnaround processes. CDP, as partner of Italian companies, accompanies them throughout their lifecycle - startup phase, development, national and international growth - up to capital restructuring and / or corporate reorganization.

In Italy, there are about 500 medium and large-sized companies, with a positive operating margin while carrying high average debt. In many of these companies, financial difficulties are critical for business continuity, even though they present good competitive positioning in terms of product and ability to innovate.

These are the companies targeted by QuattroR Fund, which through medium-sized investments of €50 million - €100 million will support the relaunch of firms in difficulty, mainly using equity instruments.

CDP Group, in line with the Business Plan 2016-2020, promotes the development of Italian companies by providing both capitals and expertise to boost growth and accelerate their relaunch.

Together we promote the future of Italian companies.