Paris: dialogue and comparison between the Managing Directors of ELTI

Paris: dialogue and comparison between the Managing Directors of ELTI

Objectives, future challenges and new opportunities for growth:  these were the themes at the centre of the meeting of the European Association of Long-Term Investors (ELTI), the association of which Cassa Depositi e Prestiti is a member together with 28 other European public institutions, set up to promote the development of the EU through long-term investments.

Rome, 20 June 2019 

The event, hosted in Paris, was the first in the history of the association to see the participation of the CEOs, and was an opportunity to confirm the synergistic commitment to implement joint projects across the European Union, with the aim of providing unique responses to future challenges such as climate change, diminishing natural resources and digital transition.

In order to play a key role in the growth path of the countries and the European Union as a whole, it is necessary to continue along the path already outlined with the Juncker Plan which, despite its general success, still has ample room for improvement.

The Paris meeting was, therefore, also an opportunity to identify new areas of action for the National Promotional Banks and Institutions (NPBI), with the opportunity of their direct involvement in terms of resources, financial capacity and expertise.

The NPBIs share a common objective: to promote the economic development of the countries and contribute to the agreed political objectives, by deploying financial resources and technical know-how, in order to increasingly broaden the support for European growth.

CDP participated in the meeting in Paris with its CEO, Fabrizio Palermo, the Director of International Development Cooperation, Antonella Baldino, who was present in her capacity as Vice President of ELTI, and the Head of European Affairs, Daria Ciriaci: at the end of the meeting, the CEOs arranged a second meeting in Rome in 2020 that will be hosted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

The objective is to encourage dialogue with international institutions, to implement initiatives of high economic and social value and make a concrete contribution to the development of the European Union, continuing along a path of growth shared by all its member countries.

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