Outdoor Festival 2016: CDP hosts the art of our day

Outdoor Festival 2016: CDP hosts the art of our day

Former military barracks in Rome becomes scene of event dedicated to international culture

Rome, 27 September 2016

It’s the world as seen by painters, musicians and multimedia artists, the film screenings, lectures, concerts, exhibitions that make up the schedule of the Outdoor Festival 2016, an event hosted in the former Guido Reni military barracks, owned by CDP Investimenti Sgr.

Dedicated to contemporary expressions of international urban culture, the event came to life with the help of Cassa depositi e prestiti Group. The Group has decided to dedicate its space to an event capable of bearing witness to the role of culture and art in the path of urban regeneration and redevelopment. The seventh edition of the Outdoor Festival is an important step to enhance an area that will experience smart-housing and so-called co-working in Rome: a redevelopment called "Project Flaminio", to be presented on 19th October at the Maxxi museum.

“Acquiring areas in disuse and turning them into places of high social value was an innovative operation with its eye on the future. CDP made this possible by finding right peoplewith whom to work, and added value to the city," said governor of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti, who spoke at the presentation.

The latest edition of the Outdoor Festival is dedicated to the "Beyond", understood as the discovery beyond the current moment, as limits to overcome. Concepts also expressed through the arrangement of the space become a path allowing visitors to notice the reciprocal influence of artists, cultural and social mix made available by the city.