Prestito ordinario per gli Enti Locali | CDP

Ordinary Loan

We provide local authorities with financial coverage for an entire range of investment expenses

Who’s it for?

Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and Provinces, Mountain Communities, Island Communities, Union of Municipalities, Consortia in which local authorities participate (excluding those that manage activities with economic and entrepreneurial relevance), Consortia for the management of social services to which the TUEL applies to the Statute (CDP Circular No. 1280/2013)

How does it work?

With the ordinary loan, we grant your institution the guarantee of the financial coverage for the implementation of public investments, starting from € 5,000.

The amount financed is distributed, based on supporting documents of the costs (e.g. work progress), during the entire duration of the loan (up to 30 years). During the pre-amortisation period (up to 31 December of the year following that of signing), only the pre-amortisation interest is due on the amount of the single payment. You will have different faculties of managing the loan after the grant, as specified in the Circular, adapting it to the financial needs of your institution (Reduction, Different use, Early redemption).

Where to apply?

Apply online at Local Authorities and PA Portal

Would you like more information?

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