Opera Makers Factory: CDP for young artisans of the theatre

Opera Makers Factory: CDP for young artisans of the theatre

In collaboration with the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, the project has allowed five talented young people to specialise in the technical crafts of the Opera. Find out more

Opening a window to the future by passing on the know-how of Italian Opera to new generations. Opera Makers Factory is a project where CDP and Teatro dell’Opera di Roma have focused on young people by providing on-the-job training for five junior music theatre technicians in the field. During its long history, the Teatro dell’Opera has amassed the highest level of artistic, professional and technical skill in the various sectors of production: from set design to stagecraft, costumes to lighting design and video production.

This modern culture "factory" has decided to open the doors of the Woodworking, Scenography/Stagecraft and Tailoring workshops to five young people between 18 and 26 to transform them into set decorators specialised in painting techniques and materials, qualified in both traditional and 3D modelling and video making. The adventure began in May 2017 for Teresa Fano and Lorenzo Gramaccia (decorators), Anna Pieri and Costanza Lettieri (set technicians) and Francesco Felletti (video maker), when they applied to the Teatro dell'Opera scheme, telling of their passion for art and their future ambitions.

Since then their training has brought them into close contact with theatre technicians and they have been directly involved the production of the Opera and Ballet Season shows, working in the scenography workshops, on the stage and in the audio-video department.

Now that the lessons are over, these five young people will make their way in the world of theatre with the advantage of this incredible experience provided by CDP and the Teatro dell'Opera. Opera Makers Factory has made it possible to pass on the artistic heritage that is an expression of the creativity and craftsmanship of our country, while at the same time fostering digital innovation in Theatre skills and the production processes.

After the "Fidelio Project" and "Accademia Project" experiences - in collaboration respectively with the Santa Cecilia Academy and the Teatro alla Scala Academy - CDP continues to support the development and growth of young Italian excellence in the world of culture.