#NUB, crafted urban space

#NUB, crafted urban space

The main trends in urban regeneration at La Triennale di Milano: the CDP Group steps up to the plate

Rome November 27,2017

The CDP Group's commitment to urban transformation took centre stage at Urbanpromo "Projects for the Country", hosted in recent days at La Triennale di Milano. The Fondazione Housing Sociale (Social Housing Foundation) presented NUB: New Urban Body, an innovative exhibition that takes the current evolution of ways of living, working, socialising and enjoying the services of our cities and turns them into art.

The exhibition aims to inform the public and policymakers about how cities are responding to our new lifestyles. We increasingly need to deal with multifunctional urban organisms, meaning places that respond flexibly and adaptively to the public demand for accommodation, work and social functions that are available together in the same space.

Divided into four sections - living, working, participating and belonging - NUB is conceived as fun experience. Using a special app, you can take a guided interactive tour on your smartphone, interacting directly with the installations and devising your own sustainable urban space, perhaps inspired by some initiatives already underway in the Milan area. For example, during the hot summers the Milanese flock to the big courtyards of working class apartment blocks in Zone 6 to see 10 free films (Cinema di Quartiere – Neighbourhood Cinema) while the more sophisticated gather in the streets to tango (Tango Illegal). NUB will be in Milan until 7 January, and then begin its tour of several Italian cities. Second stop Turin.