New Turin office for CDP Group

First local office aims to generate new opportunities for dialogue with clients

Turin, 20 July 2016

CDP has opened its first local office in Turin, as part of a project set out in its five-year Business Plan. The aim of the initiative is to generate new opportunities for dialogue with clients and to build relationships between CDP and local areas. Starting in the next few months, local offices will work alongside CDP’s central offices in Rome and Milan as part of a drive to develop the Group’s network.

The new office opening is particularly significant, as it refers back to the origins of CDP, which was founded in Turin in 1850.

The Turin office will enable local authorities and other stakeholders in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta to have easier contact with CDP representatives, who will be on hand to assist on access to credit, financial products, online management of financing, and new initiatives for the territory.