New investments for the growth of Caffè Borbone in Italy and abroad

New investments for the growth of Caffè Borbone in Italy and abroad

With the help of CDP, the company realizes a number of new production lines and storage areas

CDP has confirmed its support for the agri-food sector, one of the most iconic within the Made in Italy industry, with a value of 580 billion euro and a total of 4 million employees. The recent beneficiary of a 10 million loan is Caffè Borbone, with registered office in Caivano (Naples), a company that has established itself as one of the leading producers of compostable coffee pods and compatible capsules. 

This loan will be used to support new investments; specifically, a number of new roasting lines will be installed, along with new storage areas for both raw materials and finished products. The increase in production capacity will serve to promote growth for the company, particularly in foreign markets, where Caffè Borbone is aiming to expand in the future.    

In recent years, the company has experienced a strong increase in sales volumes, reaching a turnover of 260 million euros and 300 employees, courtesy of a strategy based on widespread distribution throughout Italy and abroad. 

Caffè Borbone roasts 35,000 tonnes of coffee every year in an increasingly sustainable way: the energy used for this process is derived exclusively from renewable sources, thanks in part to the two photovoltaic plants in the factory; in addition, industrial waste is used for composting and fertiliser production, and the jute sacks containing the coffee are recovered for use in agricultural applications.

The loan provided serves to boost the competitive positioning of Caffè Borbone, and is consistent with the Guidelines on Supporting Strategic Supply Chains as set out in CDP's 2022-2024 Plan.