New CDP Group regional headquarter in Palermo

New CDP Group regional headquarter in Palermo

CDP opens the sixth territorial seat. Proximity to the territory is a strategic goal of 2016/2020 Business Plan

Rome April 27, 2017

CDP Group opens a new territorial headquarters in Palermo, an important reference point dedicated to public administrations, businesses, financial institutions and other stakeholders in the area.

In accordance with its2016/2020 Business Plan, CDP aims to integrate its traditional presence of Rome and Milan headquarters into local areas of operation. The new Palermo office follows the opening of seats in Turin, Venice, and Bologna (recently inaugurated), providing Italy with six CDP locations.

“The strategic decision to be close to the territory, through offices and periodic roadshows helps to better explain what we do to our traditional stakeholders,” -  said CDP Chief Business Officer Antonella Baldino - “Doing so promotes more opportunities for dialogue about core issues and increases our ability to respond to the needs of local finance and investment projects, generating a positive impact on the region's growth”.

In Sicily, CDP Public Financing Division has launched new funding for €878 million for 132 local governments over the past 5 years, while SACE and SIMEST, the CDP export and internationalization hub, have supported Sicilian companies in their foreign growth plans.