National Territory and Urban Renewal: CDP’s Contribution to Ancona

National Territory and Urban Renewal: CDP’s Contribution to Ancona

A scenic lift for residents and tourists, with a breath-taking view of the historical city centre’s beach

Ancona, 25 August 2017

Think of the land as an asset to be enhanced and promoted, a space to be renewed with practical interventions studied to improve the lifestyle of local communities. This is what we do every day. Like a journey, it ensures we are present throughout Italy. Our aim is to promote progress and economic growth; hence, we support projects designed to help the country, such as the renovation project for Ancona’s “Passetto” lift. This historical building, a symbol of the city of Ancona, was constructed on a cliff’s edge in the 1950s to link the large tree-lined avenue of the city centre directly to the beach, with a breath-taking 46-meter elevation.

The restyling project concerned both the structural and mechanical systems of the impressive building. CDP participated in the recovery project with a €2 million mortgage by granting the Ancona Municipality an Ordinary Fixed-Interest Loan. Renovations include the demolition of areas in poor condition and modernisation of the “tower”, which was repainted and lighted with LED devices, thus cutting energy consumption by 50%. Protection grids have been replaced by large windows allowing light to pour in, and the two new passenger cabins are transparent to offer visitors a highly suggestive view of the sea during the upward and downward journey.

This project contributes to the urban renewal of the land and to the development of tourism, consistent with our mission to make the most of the economic and social potential of our country.